RavX is Unique by Design

Gello Max Feature

Gello Max

The RavX Gello Max represents the softest and most comfortable of our entire line of comfort saddles. The reason for this is the great amount of gel hidden inside the saddle as compared to our other saddles. The same applies to our other Gello saddles.

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Comfy Gel Feature

Comfy Gel Covers

RavX Comfy Gel saddle covers allow you to add comfort to your existing bicycle saddle. They are available in many sizes to fit many different types of comfort saddles. Four-way stretch Lycra covers, drawstring and ultra soft SENSORY gel make for the ultimate in comfort.

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Cruisermax Feature

RavX Cruisermax

Large comfort saddle with extra plush padding and elastomer suspension for a comfortable and quiet ride free from spring squeaks. The Cruisermax is available in water resistant black or brown as well as Lycra black.

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Why RavX

We blend art and function into the design of our bicycle accessories and components. This website showcases our unique style and many original designs to keep the cycling experience fresh and exciting.