RavX is Unique by Design

MTB V-Brake Tightness Check

MTB V-Brake Tempo Tightness Check

Check the tightness of your V-Brake Tempo pads. Due to the rubber between the tightening points in V-Brake Tempo pads, they may require re-torquing. Read the product page for more.

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RavX 2015 Catalog Slide

Download the RavX 2015 Catalog

The RavX 2015 is out. Click the button below to download a PDF of our catalog and check out our entire 2015 cycling product line.


RavX Tubes Slide Image

Inner Tube Lineup

RavX offers an extensive cycling inner tube product lineup for almost every application. Our packaging is very comprehensive in order help easily identify the tube and valve type.

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Dart X Feature Image

Dart X

A stylish reinforced composite water bottle cage. The Dart X offers great looks and even better performance and durability to fit most cycling bottles. The RavX Dart X sets you apart from the norm in a sea of lookalike bottle cages.

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RavX Custom Logo

RavX Custom Logo

Put your logo on our products! It’s the cheapest, most effective advertising you can get. See what products we offer for Custom Logo to see if it’s right for you!

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Race X

Wider road or mountain bike saddle that is designed to give you extra support. SENSORY gel and a large full zone cut ensure that comfort is not compromised.

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Why RavX

We blend art and function into the design of our bicycle accessories and components. This website showcases our unique style and many original designs to keep the cycling experience fresh and exciting.