Beta X

Add this lightweight carbon fiber bottle cage to your bike for a touch of elegance and strength. It holds your bottle securely but with an open shape for easy access to your bottle while you ride.

Beta X

Simply the lightest

  • 100% Carbon fiber monocoque design
  • Semi-tubular arms for strength
  • Top hook bottle retainer
  • Super lightweight
  • Fits most bottles
  • Mounting hardware included

Torque limit: 4 NM-M5
Weight: 24g +/- 2g
Stealth Black Stripe WCR04CKSM3
Gloss Red Stripe WCR04CRS03
Gloss White Stripe WCR04CWS03
Gloss Split Blue WCR04CBP03
Gloss Split White WCR04CWP03
Gloss Split Red WCR04CRP03

Beta X Colors