Comfy Gel

Add a cushion of gel comfort

Available in 5 sizes: Delux, Cruiser, MTB, Road, Touring

  • Four-way stretch Lycra cover
  • Great on exercise bikes
  • Ultra soft SENSORY gel
  • Lightweight design
  • Designed to relieve pressure
  • Easy drawstring installation
  • Fits most types of saddles

Dimensions: (LxW)
Delux: 320x320mm / 12.5”x12.5”
Cruiser: 280x280mm / 11”x11”
MTB: 280x200mm / 11”x7.9”
Road: 250x165mm / 10.2×5.8”
Touring: 254x250mm / 10”x9.8”

Color:  Black

Delux SCR20LK505
Cruiser SCR20LK404
Touring SCR20LK304
Road SCR20LK104



SCR13WK006 Gello Cruise-BaseSCR13WK006 Gello Cruise-Top