Gamma X

The RavX Gamma X cage is an example of lightness, security and strength which is ideal for the minimalist. It features stylish curvy, hollow carbon fiber tubes with tighter hold tubular arms and a top hook bottle retainer to make sure your bottle stays secure while you ride.

Gamma X

Extra hold keeps bottle in

100% Carbon fiber monocoque design

  • Tighter hold tubular arms
  • Top hook bottle retainer
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most bottles
  • Mounting hardware included

Torque limit: 4 NM-M5
Weight: 28g +/- 2g
Stealth Black Stripe WCR05CKSM3
Gloss Red Stripe WCR05CRS03
Gloss White Stripe WCR05CWS03
Gloss Silver Stripe WCR05CSS03
Gloss Split White WCR05CWP03
Gloss Split Red WCR05CRP03
Stealth Split White WCR05CWPM3

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Gamma X Colors