Use this page for reference when sizing RavX gloves and cycling shorts.

Gloves Sizing Charts

Use these charts to effectively measure your hand in order to choose the correct size for your RavX cycling gloves. Note the images below are just samples. You should download the PDF files (links after the image) and print them in actual size in order to use the hand overlay feature. Otherwise, if you don’t wish to print the file, you can use the measurements in the charts to determine your size. Measure from the base of the palm of your hand, immediately after your wrist, up to the edge of your longest finger. Measurements are on the charts.

RavX Gloves Sizing Chart Sample

Download Mens RavX Glove Sizing Chart

Download Ladies/Kids RavX Glove Sizing Chart

Shorts Sizing Charts

Below are the sizing charts for RavX Race, Club and Bib cycling shorts. The first chart is for standard measurements and the second one is metric. Click to view larger.

RavX Shorts Sizing Chart Standard

RavX Shorts Sizing Chart Metric