Bulk Cable and Housing


Packaged for the workshop

Super slick stainless steel rolled cable
Corrosion resistant

Gear cable: Compressionless for shifting accuracy
Brake cable: Low compression for smooth braking
Low-friction polymer inner liner on both

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Description QTY Item Code
Brake housing 5mm black 50m BC15K1
Brake housing 5mm red 50m BCR04R002
Brake housing 5mm white 50m BC15W1
Gear housing 4mm black 50m BC14K1
Gear housing 4mm red 50m BCR03R002
Gear housing 4mm white 50m BC14W1
Gear cable road & MTB 1.2mm x 2100mm 50 BC161
Gear cable road & MTB 1.2mm x 2100mm 100 BCR16GCSC5
Brake cable road 1.5mm x 1700mm 50 BC181
Brake cable MTB 1.5mm x 1700mm 50 BC171