CO2 Cartridges



  • 25g Threaded

    25g 2 PC: PCR02TL203

    25g 30PC: PCR02TL303

  • 16g Threaded

    200 PC Box: PC65T

    100 PC Box: PC64T

    30 PC Box: PC63T

    2 PC Card: PC62T

  • 16g Non-Threaded

    200 PC Box: PC65N

    100 PC Box: PC64N

    30 PC Box PC63N

    2 PC Card PC62N

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  • Safe and reliable CO2 Cartridges that feature ultra-clean food grade gas. They’re great for quickly getting back on the road or trail. Because of their ease of use and ability to get you on your way fast, they are ideal for racing or group rides.

    RavX CO2 Cartridges are available in 16, 25 and 30 gram sizes and in various quantity options.

    The 16g cartridges are also available thread-less for CO2 mini pumps that use internal cartridges and are blank with no label – so they fit inside these pumps with no problems.

    Available with Custom Logo (Dealers Only)