XRD Headset Spacers


Carbon fiber or alloy

Lightweight and reliable

Sizes: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm

Available as:

1) 3pc Color sets of assorted sizes:

• 3mm, 5mm & 10mm set

2) Bulk boxes

Carbon Fiber, Silver Alloy, Black Alloy:

• 3mm (15 spacers)

• 5mm (15 spacers)

• 10mm (8 spacers)

• 15mm (5 spacers)

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CDX01CK112 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card Carbon
CDX01AW112 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card White
CDX01AK112 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card Black
CDX01AS112 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card Silver
CDX01AD112 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card Gold
CDX01AR112 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card Blue
CDX01AK242 3+5+10mm 3pcs / card Red
CDX01CK342 3mm 15pcs / box Carbon
CDX01AS342 3mm 15pcs / box Black
CDX01AK432 3mm 15pcs / box Silver
CDX01CK522 5mm 15pcs / box Carbon
CDX01AS522 5mm 15pcs / box Black
CDX01BD112 5mm 15pcs / box Silver
CDX01CK242 10mm 8pcs / box Carbon
CDX01AS242 10mm 8pcs / box Black
CDX01AK342 10mm 8pcs / box Silver
CDX01CK432 15mm 5pcs / box Carbon
CDX01SK432 15mm 5pcs / box Black
CDX01AK522 15mm 5pcs / box Silver