XRD Pace 35 Stems


Perfect stem for 35mm bars

  • Large range of sizes
  • 4 bolt handlebar clamp
  • Reversible design
  • Angle: +/- 7˚
  • Conforms to both EN MTB and racing standards

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Material: AL6061
Angle: +-7˚
Handlebar clamp diameter: 35mm
Steerer clamp diameter: 28.6mm
Steerer clamp height: 40mm
Extension: 70-80-90-100-110mm
Torque limit: 5Nm

Item number:
35mm 120g CSP03AK635
45mm 125g CSP03AK645
55mm 130g CSP03AK655
70mm 135g CSP03AK675
80mm 140g CSP03AK685
90mm 145g CSP03AK695
100mm 150g CSP03AK6A5
110mm 155g CSP03AK6B5